Are These the Best Herbs for Kidney Cleansing? The Answer is Mind Blowing!


I know you’re finding the best herbs for kidney cleansing. There’s not just two or three to name. So you must read carefully and remember all the herbs as listed on this page.

These bean shaped twin organs of the human body are essential. They are responsible in removing wastes and toxins from the bloodstream and aid in the functions of other organs, such as increasing blood cells, stimulating blood pressure, and producing vitamin D. Because the most harmful compounds are trapped here, kidneys should be cleansed. That’s why taking natural herbs for kidney cleansing is recommended.

1. Bearberry or Uva-Ursi

Bearberry is a good herb to consume on a regular basis. Why, it’s been proven to remove excess toxins and wastes in the kidneys. It also acts as an astringent for the urinary tract. Making a herbal tea out of its fruit is very ideal. Hence, one of the best herbs for kidney cleansing you should take.

2. Celery Root

Actually, both roots and seeds of celery are great diuretic, which means it is able to increase or encourage frequent urinations. If you release urine, more chances for toxins to be removed out of your system. Plus, this herb is one of the great sources of sodium and potassium. That surely makes it among natural herbs for kidney cleansing.

Celery RootImage Source: pcfma

3. Chanca Piedra

Named as “kidney stone crusher” or “stone breaker”, chanca piedra is a good herb for the kidneys, even for bladder and liver. This is usually famous in South America and Southeast Asia. Many products in powder and supplements have been exported. So wherever you are, just visit your local drugstores and find this herb. If you are too lucky to be living in a place where this herb grows, then you know what to do.

4. Corn Silk

Corn silk is also considered among the best herbs for kidney cleansing. Yes, that golden or whitish hair on top of corns is a type of herb, and most importantly a great washer of toxins and wastes in the kidneys. Other than that, it helps promote urinary tract health because it’s able to keep the balance levels of calcium, along with other essential fluids in the system.

5. Dandelion Root

Dandelion root is not an uncommon type of herb, because it has been a good source of many nutrients that provide essential benefits. One of those benefits is to cleanse kidneys. It’s a natural diuretic, which is why regarded among the best herbs for kidney cleansing.

Dandelion RootImage Source: wildblessings

6. Gravel Root

Another root from a type of herb that is used to cleanse kidneys is gravel root. This is more common in western countries, but also available in export products in other places. This one contains euparin, which is a solvent that contains potent activity to fight off harmful organisms, such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. This should help protect your kidneys from getting infections.

7. Goldenrod

It’s not just one of the best herbs for kidney cleansing but also a great natural detoxifier. This is able to protect the urinary tract from infection even. You can take a supplement from this herb or drink a tea from goldenrod powder.

8. Horsetail

Horsetail is one of the reliable natural herbs for kidney cleansing to keep in mind as well. It contains diuretic agents that help remove toxins and wastes from the kidneys and urinary tract. This comes as a tea and capsule supplements, which you can take either way on a daily basis.

9. Hydrangea Root

You can further promote health of your bladder, urinary tract, and kidneys through hydrangea root. It aids the body to produce and use calcium, which is helpful in preventing the formation of kidney stones.

10. Juniper Berries

Juniper berries is also among the best herbs for kidney cleansing. In fact, it’s named as a blood purifying kidney tonic, which means every supply of blood in the kidneys is filtered. This helps improve the function of the kidneys.

Juniper BerriesImage Source: herb-magic

11. Marshmallow Root

Another natural diuretic to count on is marshmallow root. This one calms tissues in the urinary tract and stimulates frequent urination to release more wastes and toxins.

12. Parsley

Lastly but not the least on the list is parsley. The question is how to cleanse kidneys with parsley? Well, parsley isn’t an uncommon herb because it’s used in a variety of dishes, which include soups, salads, and pastas. What this herb does help boost the levels of fluid that go into kidneys to flush down wastes and toxins.

This list of 12 amazing best herbs for kidney cleansing shouldn’t be ignored. Not because each kidney is naturally responsible in removing toxins, wastes, and other harmful compounds out of the body makes you too confident about how this organ is protected at all times. There must be a specified time for you to cleanse your kidneys to ensure each is waste free.

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