Apple, Lemon and Ginger Make a Great Medicine Against Stomach Problems. Here’s the Recipe

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This drink recipe features 3 of common foods found in home kitchen. These are ginger, apple and lemon. It’s a mixed drink recommended for cleansing of your colon. Now, did you just start wondering whether you still have some of the ingredients in your panty? Let’s hope there are more, or else you can buy anytime. And that’s one interesting fact about this drink – easily accessible!

apple-lemon-and-ginger-make-a-great-medicine-against-stomach-problemsImage Source: mumbabymagazine

It is important that you stay at home before the cleansing starts. Drink this early in the morning, as well as during lunch and early dinner.

1/2 cup apple juice
2 tablespoons lemon juice
1 tablespoon ginger juice
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
1/2 cup water

Simply mix all the ingredients by stirring and drink at the appointed time.

Aside from maintaining your best health condition and prevent other diseases, this drink recipe is also considered a detox drink. That’s because it has antioxidants essential for your body. Drinking this mixture does not only detoxify your body but also provides you boost of digestion. It can effectively prevent bloating and cleanse your colon by removing toxins and wastes.

Drink this mixture on a regular basis helps transform your colon healthy. You can lessen the unfortunate events caused by digestive problems. Besides, it’s a natural drink that promises nutrients and zero side effects. So why be skeptical about it?

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