9 Natural Ways to Beat Common Cold


Common cold affects everyone, regardless of the age, gender, and race. It also happens to you at any season, whether it’s summer or winter. You can have it more than once in a year, too. While this is bearable and get used to already, it is still an irritating condition.

It hinders you to do a lot of things as well, especially if it occurs with fever and flu. It also restricts you from eating some of your favorite foods, such as ice cream, chocolates, and other sweets. Nevertheless, you can fight common cold in different ways. Here are 9 of them.

Blow Nose ProperlyImage Source: local

1. Blow Nose Properly

Blowing nose is the most basic way to get rid of the mucus that is causing blockage in the nose. It helps fasten the process of curing the cold. But there is a right way to do this. A hard or too forced blow can give you an earache, which is not good. Instead, you blow nose carefully. Do this more often as well for quick result.

2. Drink Warm Liquids

Water is always a natural cure to everything. This mostly applies in treating common cold as the water is able to flush down mucus. But it must be hot or warm to effectively relieve congestion in your nasal area. Plus, this also soothes inflammation in nose and throat.

3. Apply Cold Packs on Sinuses

During common cold, your sinuses are congested as well. You can combat sinusitis with apple cider vinegar. But to relieve both cold and sinusitis, place some cold packs around your sinuses. You can also use as ice cubes wrapped around a washcloth as an alternative. If cold doesn’t seem suit you, you can have hot temperature instead.

Eat Citrus FruitsImage Source: tophealthremedies

4. Eat Citrus Fruits

Vitamin C is essential to treat colds. That’s why it is recommended to eat more fruits that are rich in vitamin C. Most fruits that have high amount of this antioxidant are the citrus ones. So slice some lemon, oranges, pomelo, lime, honeydew, or pomegranates.

5. Have a Hot Shower

A steamy shower is also helpful relive mucus in and around your nasal area. This also works if you have flu. You can soak in a hot tub for several minutes or take a hot shower instead.

Gargle with SaltImage Source: worldtruth

6. Gargle with Salt

Salt mixed in water is one natural solution to cure cold. It helps remove mucus or at least reduce blockage giving more airway. This can provide relief in breathing much better. Other than salt, you may also use honey or apple cider vinegar and water for gargling.

7. Get Enough Rest

Rest is always an effective solution against common cold, too. Your body is weak, so is your immune system. You need to recharge it in order to have a high chance of getting well soon. So set aside other normal chores and routines for a moment and just rest.

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8. Sleep with Two Pillows

There is a right position to sleep when you have cold. If your head is placed a bit higher than normal when lying in the bed, there is more air way in your nasal passages. You may need to put another pillow under your head for this.

9. Avoid Traveling as Much as Possible

You do not only spread virus to your workmates or other people, but also worsen your condition. There is too much pollution outside and that’s the last thing you need to go when you have common cold. Unless it is an emergency or a very important circumstance, stay at home relaxing.

Common cold may not be a very serious condition. However, it is still a type of illness that you must not have. Since it cannot be avoided, the only best thing you can do is to treat it as soon as possible once you have it. With the different ways to treat it, it must only take a few days before you are free from cold. If it takes more than what you expect, then you may need a more intensive solution, which may call for professional help. So, if these natural solutions do not seem to work within a week, it is better to consult a doctor.

I hope these home remedies for common cold are going to help you all. If you want to share your experiences, please feel free to drop a comment.