7 Home Remedies for Bedwetting – Do Not Be Ashamed to Admit It, But Be Proud to Have Stopped It


It sounds cynical hearing there are actually home remedies for bedwetting. After reading this page, your skepticism will change. I promise you there are ways, easy solutions in fact, that you can do to stop bedwetting.

Bedwetting is an abnormal condition because it’s something that’s not controllable. It refers to the passing out of urine while sleeping and you are unconscious. This is usually more common in children, especially ages 7 and below. It’s also a fact that it happens to older men and women from 70 and above, but rarely happens to older children, teens, and average adults.

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Before we proceed to natural remedies bed wetting, you have to know the different causes of this condition. Most kids or people that have this problem are those who are born with smaller bladder or slow development of their nerves that control bladder. It’s also common in children with sleep apnea, diabetes, and urinary tract infection. Other causes are due to unbalanced hormones, use of diuretics, constipation, stress, and excessive urine production.

1. Drink Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is effective in treating urinary tract infection. It gets rid of bacteria and even kidney stones when urinating. It’s also considered one of the home remedies for bedwetting because of its diuretic properties. This makes you or your kids to urinate quickly. So by drinking a glass an hour before going to sleep is suggested. It helps you avoid bedwetting if you can urinate before sleeping.

2. Eat a Banana or Two

The consumption of banana per day is also a nice solution to stop bedwetting. This should be an easy trick to kids. Just get them to eat one or two or even three per day. It also helps in preventing constipation, which is another cause of bedwetting.

3. Add Indian Gooseberries to Your Breakfast

Indian gooseberries or amla is among home remedies for bedwetting in adults and also children. Eating them for breakfast or as snack or dessert is recommended. Drinking its juice before bedtime also works.

4. Grab Some Walnuts and Raisins Before Bed

It’s not ideal to give kids some snacks before heading to sleep but you may have to consider an exemption on this one. Both raisins and walnuts can actually help prevent bedwetting. These are dry foods and not diuretics. Thus, included among home remedies for bedwetting. If you continue doing this for several weeks, you’ll see the results.

5. Have a Spoonful of Honey

Honey is also helpful in preventing urinating while sleeping. A tablespoon alone every night is enough. So make sure you give your child a spoonful or add one to their milk.

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6. Encourage Bathroom Visit Before Sleeping

Before getting some rest, it must be a habit to go to the bathroom and release urine. It’s also a good idea to just avoid drinking fluids 2 hours before bedtime. If bladder is empty before sleeping, then there’s a good chance of avoiding urinating at night. This should be one of the basic and natural remedies for bed wetting.

7. Check for Constipation

If your child is having constipation, he or she is likely going to urinate more than normal, including when sleeping. So this condition must be addressed and treated. There are many home remedies to cure from constipation that you can apply too.

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Other options that you can consider aside from the ones listed above are the following:
– Chew a cinnamon bark or drink milk with cinnamon powder in it.
– Massage with olive oil before sleeping.
– Drink a glass of water mixed with some apple cider vinegar or take one spoon.
– Add mustard seeds or fennel seeds into a glass of milk.
– Use a waterproof mattress.
– Lessen the amount of fluids to drink at night.
– Use diapers for infants and toddlers.

These home remedies for bedwetting apply not only to children but also older ones including adults. You may be already a grown up but don’t feel about this because it’s something that can be stopped naturally as you have learned from this page. So feel free to follow the suggestions and have a wonderful sleep every night.

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