7 Foods To Prevent Breast Cysts. OMG Worth Sharing!


Breast cysts are common in women in their 20s to 30s. These are developed mainly due to poor diet. That’s why every woman must practice living a healthy lifestyle or change the way they eat. As a matter of fact, there are foods to consume regularly to decrease the risk of having cysts or breast cancer even. Let’s focus on these foods and you should eat them as daily as possible.

1. Dark Leafy and Cruciferous Vegetables

Kale, spinach, collard greens, broccoli and cauliflower are among the best, crunchy veggies you must add to your plate. These are packed of vitamins and minerals that help reduce the development of cysts.

Dark Leafy and Cruciferous VegetablesImage Source: joybauer

2. Vitamin A-Rich Foods

Other than leafy greens, the best sources of vitamin A are sweet potatoes, squash, carrots and red bell peppers. Cantaloupes also provide this vitamin. It’s an important nutrient to prevent cysts so your diet should include this.

3. Vitamin E-Rich Foods

You can also rely on foods that have high content of vitamin A. These include squash, pumpkin, spinach, avocado, tofu, nuts and seeds. These are additional foods to add to your plate on a regular basis.

4. Fiber-Rich Foods

Fiber doesn’t only help regulate metabolism and improve digestion. It can also help prevent cysts. So consume more foods that contain this mineral. Among the excellent sources are lentils, lima beans and seeds, especially chia seeds and flaxseeds. You can also get fiber through Brussels sprouts, artichokes, oatmeal, brown rice, bran, pears and berries.

5. Low-Saturated Fat Foods

While you add more of the foods mentioned above, there are also some stuff to lessen or avoid. These are meat. Processed foods also contain saturated fats. This type of food doesn’t only make you gain weight fast, but also prevents cysts.

6. Low-Sodium Foods

Foods high in sodium must be avoided as well. Sodium or salt is necessary for the body but high amount of it can cause organs, especially the kidneys, to deteriorate. It can only make the condition worse if you have cysts. You have to drink lots of water in order to remove any excessive sodium.

7. Water and Fresh Fruit or Vegetable Juices

In addition to water for daily consumption, juices made out of fresh fruits and vegetables are also good to take. These are nutritious providing essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They can also detoxify the body and remove toxins, which are fundamental in preventing cancers, heart disease and diabetes. Of course, they are able to help avoid cysts.

Vegetable JuicesImage Source: foodmatters

Basically, these 6 food groups and healthy drinks must be consumed daily so women would have less chance of getting breast cysts. If they are able to maintain this kind of diet, plus regular exercises, healthy life is a long-term result.

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