7 Foods that Trigger Sinusitis


Sinus problem is not a comfortable condition even if it is not critical. It can give you pain and discomfort. You may experience a mild headache that does not go away for hours. If that happens, you won’t be able to concentrate much on some tasks, such as reading, using the computer, and working some papers. It can also easily irritate you and create a bad mood.

There are medications to take and other cures to apply. One of the preventions is to avoid eating certain foods that can trigger it. Here are 7 foods that you must not eat if you have sinusitis or to prevent triggering it.

1. Dairy Foods

Milk, yogurt, ice cream, butter, and cheese are some of the dairy products that most people eat. If you are regularly eating this, it must be stopped. This is kind of food that can cause sinusitis. It can increase the production of phlegm or mucus that can block your sinuses. Remember that phlegm is the substance that is giving your sinus problem.

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2. Spicy Foods

Another culprit that must be avoided is foods or ingredients that are spicy. These cause acids in the stomach that a portion of the absorbed foods go back up the throat, nose, and sinus. So, stay away from jalapenos, chili, and bell pepper as much as possible. Even hot sauce, hot ketchup, hot mustard, and wasabi must be avoided.

3. Refined Sugars

Refined sugar is not also good for people with sinusitis. It cannot break down when absorbed, which triggers sinusitis. This ingredient and other foods with it must be avoided.

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4. Alcohol

There are also beverages to avoid when you have problem with your sinuses. One is alcohol as it hardens the mucus in the nose and sinuses making it more difficult to get rid of. It can also cause swelling so more painful. You need to stop drinking beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverage if you have sinusitis.

5. Caffeinated Drinks

Coffee, sodas, and other drinks with caffeine are also triggers of sinusitis. They can dehydrate your nasal membrane. If it happens, you will feel tired, other than the discomfort the sinusitis gives you.

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6. Late-Night or Midnight Snacks

You also have to stop eating snacks or meals within an hour before you head to bed. Anything you eat, whether it is healthy or among the triggering foods, before you sleep can link your nasal cavity and digestive system due to reflux. It is important that you must not take anything before you sleep as foods cannot be easily digested.

7. Fermented Foods

Any foods that belong to fermented category must be avoided as well. Some of the common ones are mayonnaise and mustard. They can trigger your sinusitis.

While these are foods and drinks to avoid, there are also great ones to take to combat sinusitis. These include salt, which you may pour in a glass of water and drink or gargle to expel mucus from your body. Make sure to use only a pinch of salt. Fresh fruit juices, smoothies, and teas, especially those with high in vitamin C, are also a good drink to fight sinusitis. Most important, drink a lot of water as this is a great way to alleviate mucus, and eventually treat sinusitis.

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