5 Things that Can Damage Hair


The hair is everyone’s crowning glory, which is why it is not only important but necessary to make your hair healthier, shinier, and damage-free. However, because of over exposure to pollution, dirt, sun, and other things, hair can be easily damaged.

You need to protect and take care of your hair. That said, you must be aware of the things you may regularly do that can actually make hair dry, frizzy, and damaged. Here are some human errors to avoid in terms of treating or taking care of hair.

Things that ruin your hair

1. Cold Weather

Meany air or harsh wind can make your skin dry, so is your hair. This happens when the weather or climate has turned cold. You must cover your hair when going out and use warm water when showering. You cannot control the weather, but you can manage your hair in taking good care of it.

2. Daily Washing

Cleaning your hair everyday can provide damage in the long run. When your hair is wet it becomes weak and elastic, which makes it prone to breakage or falling down. It does not mean you avoid showering or washing your hair. You need to clean your hair as much as possible, but not have to be every single day. For best result, use the right shampoo and conditioner. But these products can remove the natural oils that are present in your scalp. This can result to dull and dry scalp. To prevent this, wash and shampoo your hair every other day.

Improper BrushingImage Source: jeffreypaulblog

3. Improper Brushing

Brushing hair is recommended to keep it stronger and beautiful. However, there are a few mistakes most people do. One is combing or brushing while hair is still wet. This makes it easy to break, and you won’t want to have issue with hair fall. Another mistake is using the wrong type of hair brush. A comb is good for a healthy, strong hair, but as much as possible, use brush with soft bristles.

4. Drying Hair with Towel

A lot of people, especially women, wrap their towel around their head right after showering. They do it to dry the hair much faster or to avoid water dripping out from their hair. Well, the reason is quite acceptable, but doing it is not a good idea. That is because it makes your hair susceptible to breakage. Take note how heavy towel can be compared to the weight of your hair. This can damage your hair over time. Not for long, you will experience hair fall. What you must do then is to slightly rub your wet hair with the towel but only for a few times. You can also use superabsorbent towel in removing excess water on your hair.

5. Frequent Use of a Blow Dryer

If not towel, people use a blow dryer to remove water on hair. There is nothing wrong with the use of this tool. It can be bad if you always use it. Frequent use of this can make your hair more prone to damage, such as breakage, dry scalp, hair fall or loss, dry hair, and frizzy hair. You are not only removing the natural oil in your scalp, but also getting rid of the natural water of your hair. This can lead to dehydration, which makes your hair dryer and unhealthy.

Blow dryer to remove water on hairImage Source: hairidryers

The best solution is to use blow dryer only if you are in a hurry or need to go out of your house. You can just let your hair dry on its own if you stay in your home. It also helps if you apply some leave on solution or conditioner with glycerin and propylene glycol onto your hair when it is still wet. These are great products made to help reduce any excessive water from the hair. When using a hair dryer, do not forget to reduce the heat setting. This is effective in minimizing any possible damages when drying hair with the tool.

Other things that can eventually damage your hair include frequent dying or coloring and applying too much hair products. You also need to avoid doing these as much as possible. Nevertheless, remember to take proper care of your hair by doing the right things. You must always keep your hair healthy, shiny, beautiful, and free from damages.

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