5 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Dark Lips


Are your lips starting to turn black when you do not even smoke? Does it bother you to see in the mirror that your supposed-to-be natural pink lips have suddenly turned into black? There are some reasons why your lips may have become dark. It can be over exposure to the sun. It is also possible that because of excessive consumption of coffee or tea. These and smoking are just the common causes of dark lips. Fortunately, you can naturally solve this problem. Here are some ways on how you can have your luscious pink lips back.

1. Drink Water

Keeping your body hydrated is one effective and natural treatment against dark lips. Pigmentation on the lips is basically due to toxins and dehydration. You need to have at least 8 glasses of ice or warm water every day to avoid getting dehydrated and cause your lips to dry and turn dark. The water itself can hydrate your lips firsthand upon drinking. So make sure to remember this basic healthy advice.

2. Mix Lemon and Honey

Both lemon and honey have properties that can help maintain the natural color of your lips. This formula is actually a DIY. You can just squeeze the juice of lemon and mix it with honey to create an instant natural lip serum. You can then rub on your lips and leave the juice on for at least an hour before washing out. Do this for several times a day until your lips become refreshingly pink again. Take note that lemon is citric so if you have a small cut or canker sore on your lips, it can cause irritation.

Almond OilImage Source: nguyenlieulammypham

3. Apply Almond Oil

Another serum you can apply on your lips when they are dark is almond oil. This is oily and slippery so it can be a little uncomfortable, but think about its end result. The liquid can help lighten your lips and eventually remove discoloration.

4. Rub on Some Glycerine

Regardless of the cause of your lips turning dark, glycerine is another natural way to combat it. You soak a small piece of cotton or a cotton bud into the glycerin and rub it all over your lips. Leave it on for several hours, or much better overnight. Letting this solution dry on your lips for a long time can help moisturize it and prevent getting dry. This can remove discoloration on the lips within a week of applying the same solution every night.

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5. Massage Lips with a Slice of Beetroot

Beetroot is naturally red in color and this can stain anything. That is not the reason why this is also a good solution against dark lips. It has properties that help remove discoloration and moisturize the lips. So, have a slice of this vegetable and rub it on your lips over and over.

You can still use any lip products, such as lipsticks, lip gloss, and lip balm. But it is best to use a mild herbal one to maintain the softness of your lips and natural color.

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