4 Wonderful Foods For Healthier Thyroid


Many Americans are suffering from thyroid issues. There are about 20 to 27.5 million of them, and worse, more than 50% are not aware they have problems in their thyroid. If you are one of these people or want to prevent this condition, take note of these foods can help in the improvement of your thyroid health.

Thyroid-glandImage Source: thyroid.com

1. Iodine Rich Foods

Foods that can help improve a person’s thyroid health are those high in iodine. Among the best sources are pineapples and sea vegetables. These can help produce thyroxin along the thyroid glands that are responsible in stimulating metabolism.

2. Copper and Iron Rich Foods

Foods with high content of copper and iron are important for the thyroid too. The following are some foods that can provide power to boost up the function of your thyroid:

Iron rich foods – potatoes, tomatoes, berries, and citrus fruits
Copper rich foods – cashew and sunflowers

3. Essential Fatty Acids

Omega fatty acids can be found in some leafy vegetables pumpkin, walnut and canola oil. It is the omega-3 fatty and omega-6 acids that are helpful for the thyroid and metabolism.

PumpkinImage Source: thejunctionbia

4. Coconut Butter and Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has raw saturated fat, which is another secret toward a healthy thyroid. This is additional ingredient to take regularly as it increases the thyroid hormone production. You can also use coconut butter, which converts into energy after taking in and helps boost up the function of the thyroid in the body.

In short, your diet must include these foods and ingredients. Protect your thyroid with this very simple solution. For sure, it’s not too much to do for your own good, right? And if you’re a parent, better cook more recipes that contain any of the foods mentioned above.

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