4 Amazing Homemade Masks To Treat Under Eye Dark Circles


As you age, wrinkles start to show and dry, thin skin begin losing its flexibility. Some get wrinkles and fine lines earlier, while others are too lucky. To help you prevent any of this from happening even if you get older, you need to apply some moisturizing mask. There is no need to go to an expensive salon to obtain this but you can do it now by yourself, But remember to refrigerate the eyelid mask for only 15 minutes to eliminate its cold swelling.

Homemade Masks For Dark CirclesImage Source: pinterest

1. Cucumber Mask

This excellent mask will refresh and lighten shadows. It is excellent for some who suffer from dark circles along the eyes. It can also treat the formation of bruises.

Wipe half cucumber using a fine grater and gently squeeze. Place this on your lids and then cover it with hygiene flakes. Leave it on for 20 minutes. After that, properly rinse with cold water. Apply some moisturizer under the eyelid as well.

2. Olive Oil Mask

For lubrication, flexibility as well as smoothness for skin, including under eyes, olive oil is the best choice. Apply some olive oil over your lower and upper eyelids with gentle massage. It’s a very simple yet effective mask for dark circles.

3. Potato Mask

Get some potato to clean up, cut in half and grind using a blender or wipe off using a finer grater. Apply the juice all over your eye area and cover with flakes or gauze. After 20 minutes, rinse using cold water and brush some skin cream. This helps eliminate some accumulated fluids around your eyes, which may also cause edema.

Potato MaskImage Source: hairextensions-usa

4. Milk Mask

Mix 4 teaspoons of baking soda in a glass of whole milk. Thoroughly mix until smooth and creamy. Gently apply around your eyes with dark circles. Rinse using water after 20 minutes. This mask surely hydrates and brightens skin.

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