3 Warning Signs from Your Tongue That Say About Your Health


There are some simple and easy self-checks that you must do by yourself right at your bathroom mirror. Sometimes, there’s no need for some medical check-ups because it’s expensive and can consume your time. Unless, it’s a type of emergency or critical medical check-up that include laboratory tests, you can just take a look at your own tongue. For some other people who are cost cutting and want to make sure if something’s wrong with them, this is a simple option to do.

It is possible to have an idea about your body’s condition by sticking out your own tongue. This usually takes within some quick seconds only. Generally, reading tongues take years and lots of experience to have an accurate interpretation. But you may begin looking for 3 signs that tell about your health.

1. Bumpy Surface

If your tongue appears to be bumpy, it means you are healthy. If it’s smoother, this may be a sign of deficiency in iron or B12, which are both essential vitamins for the body. Sometimes, this also causes pain when touched by something spicy or hot because sensitivity is always an initial sign of a problem.

Tongue appears to be bumpyImage Source: thealphaparent

2. Thick, White Coating

If there’s a change on the tongue’s coating, it tells that a person has infection, such as flu or cold. It’s a signal indicating your digestive system is not working well at its maximum efficiency. It may also pertain to Candida virus, leukoplakia or oral cancer. If it doesn’t seem to go away on its own or grow in size, don’t be reluctant going to a dentist or a doctor.

3. Dark Discoloration

Secretions have already accumulated on your tongue if it starts becoming black and dark. This means that you need to improve your oral health. If medically addressed immediately, it can save you from serious diseases. Remember that long-time deficiency of certain vitamins, especially B vitamins, can affect your oral health. It won’t be too long before it increases the risk of heart disease and oral cancer.

A normal tongue is usually pale red or pink. You must check your tongue once a week to see if there any changes that may lead you to wonder whether there’s a health problem or not. Once you see and analyze that it’s more than just a canker sore, then you better go see an expert that can help you treat it.

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