3 Natural Antibiotics For Cold


There are various natural antibiotics that can be found right at your home. And no, they are not in the drugs prescribed by physicians or purchased at local drugstores.

Normally, doctors eagerly prescribe the right antibiotics for all bacterial infections. Patients suffering from flu and cold and other conditions that require this kind of treatment feel much better after taking a few capsules.

But why bother spending extra dime if you can just grab certain ingredients from your kitchen? For those who are looking for some home remedies, keep this list of options in mind. They are great natural antibiotics that can help you fight cold and other common infections.

1. Antibiotic Tea

One easy way to fight bacterial infections is to drink warm antibacterial tea. This provides a needed break for your digestive system to free some energy for the immunity system to become more effective. It can also help in the development of formula that gives synergistic effects for faster healing process.

2. Lemon Juice

It is no brainer that this fruit contains antibacterial substances. It is also rich in vitamin C that aids antiviral substances to fight other types of infections. Plus, this has low sugar that allows microbes to starve when not fed. Thus, your body cleanses itself from unknown pathogens that ultimately increase the immune system. To add that, lemon juice balances your pH in order to improve alkaline level, which is another way to combat diseases.

Lemon JuiceImage Source: healthyfoodadvice

You can buy a dozen at any time. It is even much better if you grow your own lemon tree. But be sure to choose thin skinned ones as they contain the most antibacterial benefits.

3. Garlic

Garlic cloves that are freshly cut contain Allicin which is an active compound that provides various antimicrobial substances. In pure form, Allicin can really fight various bacterial strains, such as E. coli, which happens to be a multi-drug resistant.

In conclusion, be sure to take one of these ingredients to get treated from cold and other bacterial diseases or infections. Aside from these, be familiar with several antibacterial foods and drinks to further keep away from such health conditions.

fresh garlic isolated on whiteImage Source: pharmanewsonline

Moreover, it is essential to limit your sugar intake, keep yourself away from stress and increase more vitamin C in your system. Other common dos include thorough washing of your hands, regular warm shower, and avoidance of people who sneeze and cough a lot.

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