2 Incredible Teas That Burn Belly Fat


Other than regular exercises for abdomen, there are powerful low-calorie beverages you can choose. But why try as many as you can if there are only two great choices that are super effective? This is true. You only need 2 types of drinks!

1. Mint Tea

Mint has properties that aid in the absorption of fat. It also improves digestion and metabolism. Surprisingly, its diuretic properties help you lessen your food cravings. In short, drinking tea out of mint is good for flattening your stomach.

Mint TeaImage Source: recipeshubs

What’s more is that mint is able to make your breath fresh! It’s also a great flavor to the taste.

2. Green Tea

Another excellent choice of beverage for belly fat is green tea. This has many nutrients, which include polyphenols. These compounds are catechins that have the power to burn fat. You must drink at least 1 cup of this tea daily or more for faster result.

Green tea contains antioxidants and anti-cancer properties too. This is essential in lowering bad cholesterol and reducing the risk of cancers.

You do not need sugar, preservatives, artificial flavorings and other additives to prepare either tea. Just boil fresh leaves from green herbs or mint leaves or powder and instantly drink.

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