15 Home Remedies for Leucoderma that Surprisingly Work


If you have been seeking for home remedies for leucoderma or some cheaper solutions, this is obviously the right place for you. And yes, you are making the best choice in preferring natural remedies over standard medical treatments.

Leucoderma, also popularly known as Vitiligo, is a type of skin condition that develops because of the loss of melanocytes that gradually happen for several factors. This leads to irregular or abnormal white patches, the same condition that Michael Jackson had.

It’s a benign skin problem and nothing physical danger to worry about except sunlight exposure that may be intolerant and the embarrassing feeling you may get from the look or stare of people toward you. Thus, it can be a social and psychological problem to some.

The amount of melanoctyes needs to be balance or otherwise leucoderma occurs. Anyone, regardless of age and gender, can suffer from this condition. However, this is actually more common in women than in men. It mostly affects face, neck, hands and back. People who start having white patches that seem not normal most likely need to get rid of leucoderma.

Leucoderma is easy to identify as it starts with a tiny white spot that eventually becomes larger patches. Its spread is slow but progressive, which means it does tend to enlarge in size.

There’s no exact or particular cause of leucoderma, but it’s the loss of melanoctyes. It’s believed but not proven that it happens because of the presence of an autoimmune disorder or disease. Others are also opinionated that hereditary factors and exposure to toxic radicals may have primary roles. It really doesn’t matter how this starts but to know some home remedies for leucoderma is more advisable concern.

While treatment from a dermatologist is the right option, some natural remedies actually work in preventing leucoderma. Let’s reveal some cheaper ways to treat this skin condition. But as a warning, try it on small patches to test because this may cause additional problems or worsen the condition since the skin is more sensitive.

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1. Use Sun Screen Lotion

One of the easy or DIY home remedies for leucoderma is the use of sun protection screen whenever you go under the sun for too long. It doesn’t have to be always because you still need some vitamin D from the sun, but if you know the exposure is more than just an hour, then protection is certainly necessary especially if you have this kind of condition.

2. Have Enough Vitamin B9 and B12

The deficiency of either vitamin B9 or B12 has contribution to the spread and progression of leucoderma. Many patients with this skin condition found to lack folic acid and/or B12. These vitamins can be absorbed in many plant based foods, which include sunflower seeds, dried herbs, milk, yogurt, and cheese.

3. Avoid Stress

A person with this condition is affected emotionally, psychology and socially. Some thoughts can give you stress, let alone physical work or activities. Stress can trigger this skin issue so it’s best to know how and when to relax.

4. Take a Bite of Walnuts

One of the favorite home remedies for leucoderma in India is eating walnuts. This also applies in curing other ailments that affect skin. Other than taking it internally, you can create a paste with walnuts by crushing them and mixing with water. Apply all over the affected skin for several minutes to an hour, and must be done at least once daily.

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5. Mix Lime Juice and Basil Leaves

Both of these ingredients have anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-aging properties, which are all beneficial for the skin. Their combination when applied onto skin help produce melanin. Experts suggest application of this paste once to thrice a day for several months until affected skin has improved.

6. Apply Turmeric and Mustard Oil

Turmeric when mixed with mustard oil is also one of the essential home remedies for leucoderma. Soak turmeric, preferably 500 grams, in water (8 liters) overnight and boil until it lessens by half. Strain and add mustard oil (1/2 liter). Use it to apply onto the patches every morning and at night for two months or more.

7. Consider Copper

Copper is mineral that’s usually found in utensils or objects rather than plants. This is essential because it is able to get rid of leucoderma. It produces melanin and removes free radicals, which damage melanocytes. You can get it from the right supplements. It’s also available in red clay which you can mix with ginger juice to apply onto affected area. Believe it or not, it’s also accumulated by copper utensils, so pour water over it and store it overnight to drink later and that’s how you can absorb the mineral.

8. Rely on Certain Herbal Seeds

Radish seeds, psoralea seeds, and babchi seeds are very common home remedies for leucoderma in India. Whichever seed is used, grind or blend and soak in vinegar, essential oil, or even with water overnight to create paste and easily apply onto the white patches the next morning.

9. Crush Pomegranate Leaves

Leaves of pomegranate are surprisingly beneficial too. In this case, it’s for Vitiligo, hence another option among home remedies for leucoderma to consider. Just grind them into fine powder and mix with water and apply all over the affected skin or drink it. Perhaps, you can do both for faster result.

10. Drink Neem Juice

A glass of need juice also helps in curing leucoderma. Absorption of it helps in the production of melanin.

11. Get Some Goosefoot

It may not be as popular as other herbal leaves but this is very effective for leucoderma. You can eat the leaves as vegetable ingredient to a dish or extract juice that you can apply all over your white patches.

12. Resort to Ginger Leaves

Ginger leaves can be also used as among home remedies for leucoderma. Make fine powder from several leaves and mix with water before applying onto the affected skin.

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13. Sip Juice Out of Indian Lilac Leaves

Another option is to drink juice from Indian lilac leaves. It provides your body essential compounds that help cure this skin condition. It’s best if you drink at least two glasses a day.

14. Eat Figs

Figs are beneficial for people with leucoderma. Raw figs should be eaten daily. You can also make powder from this fruit and mix with water to form paste and apply all over the affected skin.

15. Combine Psoralen Powder and Coconut Oil

This combination is one of the amazing and recommended home remedies for leucoderma in India. It must be applied onto areas with white patches every day, at least once to twice, for several months.

Each of these solutions is a natural way to get rid of Vitiligo or leucoderma. If you are suffering from it, try any of these home remedies for leucoderma but remember to start at a small area first before applying onto the entire affected skin. It’s important to know whether it can cause allergic reaction or worsen the condition, which you surely don’t want to happen. If anything severe happen or doesn’t seem to work, go to a dermatologist.

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