14 Benefits Of Rose Water For Beauty


Rose water is basically water that is flavored by the floating of rose petals in lukewarm water. The process is called hydrosol, which is a distillation of rose petals with the option to add a little rose oil in the bowl.

Furthermore, this is an excellent skin beautification, which will certainly turn your skin into gorgeous and more flawless one. It effectively works as a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and astringent on the face and neck, or the whole body (image a great warm tub).

The use of rose petals in water allows a person to save some money from purchasing one the most expensive cosmetic products. In 2 to 3 weeks of straight use, you will see all the beauty or skin benefits this provides.

In fact, this is often used as ingredients in some cosmetics and medical preparations. It’s even popularly used as flavor for foods or rose syrup that’s created from rose water itself with some sugar added. Also, it has religious aspects in some faiths in Asia and Europe.

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Let’s learn the benefits of rose water with tips to consider.

1. Begin your day with a splash of rose water on the face every morning. It may be a bit cold to provide you freshness, especially just after waking up. It definitely adds a mood happy to your face.

2. As mentioned, use rose water as your facial toner regardless of your skin type. A mixture of camphor and rose water makes a great natural toner. Its function is to eliminate acne and reduce oil leaving your face more improved. In addition, you can also mix some mint juice in rose water then apply on the face, especially areas with acne. This can help easily dry up pimples and fade spots or scars too.

3. You can also rely on this home solution to clean your face on a daily basis. Dip a piece of cotton ball in rose water and apply all over your face to clean dirt, sweat and other grimes. The result is not just a cleaner, smoother and dirt-free face, but also fresh smelling skin.

4. In treating blemishes, let rose water come to the rescue. Have some curd, cucumber juice, and sandal wood powder added into the rose water. After properly mixed, dab it on the face and neck, letting it dry for 20 minutes. This is a good facial mask that aids in the lightening of skin and remove all blemishes from dark spots or pigmentation to acne marks.

5. Another facial mask recipe you can make with rose water is to mix it with sandal wood powder and lemon juice. Apply all over face and neck, and then leave it on for 15 minutes. After that short time, wash your face with cold water. The result is a pimple-free and cleaner skin.

6. To make a natural moisturizer, add glycerine in rose water. There’s the option to add some sandalwood powder in the mixture if you want an anti-aging facial mask. If you say anti-aging, it has the ability to remove wrinkles and dark eye circles. This helps retain a youthful charm on your face.

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7. And mix rose water with any facial mask that you are using. Replace water by using rose water and then observe that your face will glow like rose naturally.

8. Tomato juice and rose water also makes an excellent solution for face and other parts of the skin. Just mix 2 spoons each and apply on face. This is the same mixture to treat sunburn.

9. Dab rose water around rashes, pimples and some other irritations on your skin can. This can effectively heal when regularly used.

10. Crushed basil leaves added into rose water is also a good solution. Apply and leave this mixture on your face after being refrigerated for some time. Just wipe face using this solution many times in a day. This keeps your skin fresh and beautiful, and easily treats sunburn.

11. Rose water and beet root juice mixture is more useful as a lip pack. It must be applied on lips everyday to make them naturally red. You can choose either pink or rose petals, or maybe both.

12. The hair can also get benefit from using rose water. If hair becomes dull and dry, especially during summer time, prepare rose water with some vitamin E oil and jojoba oil. Apply this homemade mixture on hair and scalp, and gently massage. Before you rinse water, leave it on for an hour. Do this regularly to produce softer and more glowing hair. When used, this also helps protect t hair from heat caused by the use of chemicals and hair styling tools or sun exposure.

13. Another hair treatment but for dandruff is to mix rose water with fenugreek powder and glycerine all over the scalp. Rose water contains vitamins A, B3, C, D, and E that can cure fungal infection present in the scalp.

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14. Lastly, after finishing shampooing your hair, consider massaging with rose water or oil and this serves as a natural conditioner.

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