11 Natural Ways to Increase Appetite in Kids – Yes Mothers, You DO Need This!


Whether this comes as a surprise or not, there are natural ways to increase appetite in kids and mothers should be excited about this. It will make your life better, I promise. Well, it refers to that every moment you try to make them eat.

Many mothers may share the same experience. They can say that at least once in their motherhood life this happens to them with their kids. You know what they say that ‘kids are kids’, which is true because that’s their true nature. But it’s something that you should not tolerate every time, especially if only they don’t like the food. If they’re feeling sick, that’s totally understandable. Others are just excuses and that’s when you need some tricks or tips to increase appetite.

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1. Eat at the Right Time

Despite how busy parents are with their work or some stuff, always prepare meals at the regular time, especially breakfast and dinner. The change of schedule can definitely ruin their appetite.

2. Offer in Small Servings

Other than cooking delicious, great meals, try to vary your foods as well. Children do not like to eat the same thing in a week. That’s why mothers, even fathers, should be creative when it comes to cooking. Do not just settle for the common recipes or easy ones to cook for kids. It’s even best to be familiar with certain foods that increase appetite in children, which is discussed further down by the way.

3. Make Meal Time a Fun Moment

Dinner is usually the best opportunity not to miss as this is how you can spend extra quality time with your family. That’s why it must not be appropriate to scold kids or talk something unpleasant or inappropriate while eating. It should be a time to praise them for a job well done, remind how much you love them, and tell some good news about your next weekend trip, something like that. If you make this a habit, they will be excited to sit down and eat their meals. So keep this in mind among natural ways to increase appetite in kids.

4. Avoid Snacks In-Between Meals

This is probably the most basic and appropriate way to increase or improve appetite in children. If you count the hours between meals, it’s just a few hours apart. If they eat some snacks around 9 or 10 in the morning, there’s a big chance they won’t feel hungry during lunch. If only a few pieces of nuts or a glass of juice drink, it shouldn’t affect their appetite for proper meals.

5. Limit Sugar Foods and Carbonated Drinks

These aren’t only healthy but also belly fillers. They easily make kids feel full, so if you offer them some candies or soda drink 2 hours before your meal expect them to not join you at the table.

6. Eat with Them

Let your kids know you do enjoy having a meal together. If you want and expect your kids to sit on the table and eat during meal time, be sure that you’re there too. If you start giving excuses or coming late to the dining room, soon they will do the same. Remember this as among tips to increase appetite.

7. Take Your Kids to the Doctor

Your children must have annual checkup. This is very essential to see if there’s something to improve or treat. They may be lack of calcium, iron, etc. and insufficiency of certain nutrients in the body causes their body to be prone to diseases. Doctors usually provide vitamins that help increase appetite. A regular checkup doesn’t only refer to an appointment with a general or a family doctor, but also with a dentist.

8. Encourage Kids to Exercise

Exercising, whether in a form of workout for kids or physical activities and sports, can be also a great contributor. Believe it or not, it’s one of the effective natural ways to increase appetite in kids. Well, this doesn’t only help them have a healthy body but also aids in making them hungry and thirsty, which lead them to crave for foods or drinks.

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9. Sleep and Get Up on Time

There’s also the need to maintain proper time of sleeping and waking up. Everything just have to be normal and on schedule so when it comes to eating time, everyone will be happy and excited to consume meals.

10. Drink Lemon Juice

Truth is there are certain foods that increase appetite in children. They should be taken beforehand or while stomach is still empty. One of the best choices is lemon juice or even lime juice since they contain the same properties. This is a healthy appetizer that every child can take. Other beverages to consider are coriander juice, pomegranate juice, and ginger juice.

11. Have Figs or Dates

Both fruits, whether they are fresh or dried, are also considered natural ways to increase appetite in kids. They should be taken before eating the primary meal or added into it. Anyway, these are good snacks or desserts to take anytime.

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Remember that there are differences between having loss of appetite and eating disorder. You must know if it’s just a mood swing or a negative reaction to what have been cooked, and either way it’s an excuse to not eat. That’s when you apply any of the natural ways to increase appetite in kids mentioned above. If this is becoming more frequent and your child is losing weight faster than normal, then it must be an eating disorder that should be addressed properly through medical attention.

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