11 Home Remedies for Dehydration – Beat the Heat this Summer


For some, summer is a great time to spend with the family or friends doing outdoor activities. It’s typically well planned, but home remedies for dehydration should be among those interests. Do not just think of the pros and what to dos. You should also keep in mind the safety to combat any problem associated with heat.

Staying hydrated makes your summer even more fun. You want some enjoyment that’s why you make a plan to do something nice and exciting.

Home cures for dehydration

If weather can make you easily sweat and do physical activities, there’s a high chance for you to get dehydrated. How can you still enjoy outdoor activities without having any problem? Preventing is the primary key so let’s find out the best home treatment for dehydration.

1. Icy Water

You can remain hydrated if there’s enough fluids in your body. Otherwise, you’d suffer from dehydration. There’s no other solution to refuel that energy other than water. It’s the best liquid to rehydrate your body and make you feel much better. You must drink lots of glasses of water at all times. Of course, the colder and icy it is the more refreshing you’d feel. No wonder why this is still the best among home remedies for dehydration.

2. Ice Cubes

Sucking on ice is another simple solution to fight dehydration. You may not be thirsty but want to keep your body cool, then this is a good option. Instead of grabbing your favorite candy, just go to your fridge and get one cube until it melts in your mouth!

Ice CubesImage Source: atasteofolive

3. Popsicles

For a yummier choice, make some fruity popsicles. Children love this for some snack. It’s a nice quick bite for adults as well. It’s even easy to make this, just blend fruits to liquefy, transfer into the mold and refrigerate.

4. Watery Fruits

Eating certain fruits alone is another best home treatment for dehydration. Many fruits are watery and diuretic, which are good to provide you electrolytes essential for energy enhancement. Among those are bananas, watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. You can make these fruits juices as well.

5. Watery Vegetables

There are also vegetables that are watery. Cucumber, eggplants, tomatoes, zucchini and some dark green leaves are the best sources of nutrients that can reload energy. These are not only healthy but also home remedies for dehydration. Make sure to add this kind of veggies to your daily diet.

6. Bland Foods

When dehydration starts, a few symptoms occur. These include cramps in the stomach and dizziness. To prevent or treat these discomforts, make flavored gelatins, mashed potatoes, bananas and oats, or rice gruel. These won’t only bring your energy back but also help you feel much better.

Bland FoodsImage Source: wisegeek

7. Salty Foods

Try opting for a much healthier foods that are salty in flavor. These may include salted nuts, crackers, and pretzels. Having some salt helps in stimulating electrolytes. Therefore, salt is considered among home remedies for dehydration in adults. But be careful in consuming salt because if it’s too much it can cause problems, especially in the kidneys.

8. Coconut Water

The best source of electrolyte is from the natural water of coconut. It is rich in iron and potassium, which are both necessary to refuel lost energy. You can buy coconut concentrate drink in a bottle or fresh coconut water from a street vendor. You should know that this is fairly one of the common and effective home remedies for dehydration.

9. Buttermilk

Another choice of beverage that you should drink during summer or whenever you suffer from dehydration is buttermilk. This won’t only provide additional calcium, but also other compounds that help regulate the balanced levels of electrolyte. It’s also a good drink to offer to children.

10. Sport Drinks

Sport drinks are intended to energize the body. However, be careful in choosing the brand or type of sports and energy drinks. Not all are as good and beneficial as you think. Remember they are manufactured solely for profit gain. Some companies don’t really care for your health. It’s best to read the labels and ensure you get the right sports drink as best home treatment for dehydration.

11. Shower

Other than consuming particular foods and drinks, make it a habit to shower more than once. It refreshes you everytime you take a bath. It has to be cold shower to leave you feeling better.

12. Epsom Bath

Soaking your body in a tub filled with cold water and Epsom salt is also a great idea. If you have time to spare extra 5 minutes, just relax and let yourself get cooled. It’s a simple and inexpensive home spa you can treat yourself. In fact, this is considered a way to exfoliate skin.

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13. Stay Under Shade

You must not let yourself be exposed to the sun all day long. Whether you are playing beach volleyball or taking a walk at the park, find a place away from the sun. You must know when you are already tired and need some break.

Bear in mind that these home remedies for dehydration are not difficult stuff to do. They become handy once you feel like you’re about to pass out due to dehydration. So to avoid a scenario that may embarrass or hurt you, better apply these suggestions. For sure, you find at least one best home treatment for dehydration, which you can easily do anyway.

I hope these home remedies for dehydration are going to help you all. If you want to share your experiences, please feel free to drop a comment.