10 Home Remedies for a Stomach Ulcer. Yes, Pain Go Away


The headline suggests home remedies for a stomach ulcer. Before we go into details, let’s first learn what a stomach ulcer is and what symptoms are associated.

Stomach ulcer is also called as gastric or peptic ulcer. This is an open sore that develops and grows in the stomach lining area. It is usually painful because of the presence of acid. While common over-the-counter tablets can make the pain go away, it’s best to resort to some home remedies for stomach ulcers fast as they are natural that promise no side effects. Plus, you get to save some money too.

Causes of stomach ulcers may vary. It can be hereditary, which is not usual. The most common risk has something to do with food consumption. Acid and bacteria are typically the reasons why stomach gets ulcer and becomes painful.

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As for the symptoms, pain and inflammation in the digestive tract are the surface signs that you may have some ulcers. The ache is similar to a hunger pang but even worse. You may also feel heartburn. Although rare, this condition can cause you to suffer from nausea, vomiting, dehydration, fatigue or weakness, constipation, and blood stool.

The good news is that stomach ulcers are not deadly. However, if not treated immediately and properly, it can cause a more serious problem, such as hemorrhage and digestive infection. So how to cure an ulcer is the main concern of this article. Below are great choices that help you treat stomach ulcers.

1. Eat Properly, Wisely and Healthily

One of the home remedies for a stomach ulcer is to eat the right way. This refers to eating smaller meals but with variants, eating three times a day, and eating gently or biting properly and not too fast. This also means you eat healthy foods and drink nutritious beverages.

2. Absorb More Fiber

Choose foods that are rich in fiber. This is an essential nutrient that helps protect your stomach and other organs in the digestive tract. You should have a list of the best sources of fiber and be familiar with what to eat on a more regular basis. That’s why eating bananas, leafy greens, and whole grains is also helpful on how to cure an ulcer.

3. Take Garlic

Most likely, stomach ulcer is due to bacteria. Getting rid of the culprit with anti-bacterial properties is a great idea. If natural ingredient is what you’re looking for, garlic is the best solution to kill bacteria.

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4. Drink Cabbage Juice

This may not be your average daily juice or vegetable drink, but it’s actually an effective treatment against stomach ulcers. If you cannot take it, just make more coleslaw or add cabbage to your green salad. Just remember this light green leaf is among the reliable home remedies for a stomach ulcer.

5. Bite Some Plums and Berries

Any red or purple colored fruits are good natural solution against bacteria that infect the stomach causing ulcer. Thus, plums, raspberries, prunes, and other berries are essential to eat. Make sure you have some of these fruits at home to easily deal with stomach ulcers.

6. Get Licorice

Yes, you exactly read that right. Licorice, the popular candy stick eaten mostly by kids, can help ward off stomach ulcers. Just for clarification, this does not reduce acid in the stomach, but rather lessen the acid’s ability to damage the lining part.

7. Add Bark or Cayenne Pepper to Your Drink

Cayenne pepper is a type of spices, which can be an offender that’s causing stomach ulcers. However, this has properties that alleviate pain and inflammation. You should drop a few cayenne pepper powder to your glass of herbal tea, smoothie, or juice. Likewise, bark can be helpful.

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8. Avoid Milk and Alcohol

While suffering from this condition, skip drinking these beverages for the meantime. As applied to other health problems, prevention is among home remedies for stomach ulcers fast. In fact, it has always been the key so you won’t have to undergo from any pain or discomfort.

9. Skip Smoking

If you are also smoking, avoid doing this. It will just worsen your condition since cigarette contains ingredients that are toxic. This may even make the ulcer bigger in size, which can only cause more pain.

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10. Avoid Trigger

Also included among home remedies for a stomach ulcer is to know particular food triggers. This won’t only help you for your current situation but also save you from having another stomach ulcer in the future.

A stomach ulcer can naturally get healed by itself within two to six weeks. But can you actually bear the pain and discomfort associated with this condition? For sure you want to get better before another day comes into your life. In that sense, follow the suggested home remedies for a stomach ulcer.

Most ulcers heal within two to six weeks after treatment begins. To prevent recurrence, patients should continue to avoid cigarettes, alcohol, and any foods or substances that appear to cause irritation of the digestive tract lining.

Remember that these natural remedies are cheaper alternative options on how to cure an ulcer. It means do not forget the medical attention necessary through a doctor’s prescription and procedure. If none of these natural remedies work due to how big the ulcer is or has cause complications, it’s important to go see your physician and don’t just rely on the treatment options discussed on this page.

I hope these home remedies for  stomach ulcer are going to help you all. If you want to share your experiences, please feel free to drop a comment.