10 Effective Uses Of Tea Bags That Work!


Before you start throwing your tea bags, set them aside for later uses. You would be shocked, in a good way, of how useful tea bag is after some sips. As for the health benefits, there’s no surprise there. Since teas are made from fresh and natural herbs, this can be really essential for other uses.

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1. To soothe puffy, tired eyes.

If you’ve heard that putting frozen spoon directly onto your eyes can help relieve strained eyes, the more effective tea bags are. After cooling in the fridge or soaking in icy water, you should apply a tea bag on each eye for several minutes. This helps relieve inflammation that lead to getting rid of puffiness and treating pink eye as well.

2. To treat sunburn.

Toss used tea bags in bucket of water or in your bath tub before washing. If mixed with water, it can help heal sunburn giving you a much better relief.

3. To lessen the effect of injuries or bruises.

Better use a black tea bag for this purpose. When applied on the affected area, it can reduce bruising, relieve pain and swelling, and regulate blood flow. It’s best if you leave it on for at least 20 minutes.

4. To treat razor cuts.

Warm tea bags aid in the healing of cuts caused by razor. This is more common to men that shave their beard off and women who trim unwanted hair.

5. To treat acne.

Tea bags have anti-inflammatory properties; hence, good for treating acne. You should wash your face with water mixed with tea bag, particularly from green tea.

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6. To eliminate warts.

Warts aren’t only removed through surgical method. You can simply use tea bags for this matter. Just re-soak a tea bag in a new cup of hot water and apply all over the skin with wart for 20 minutes minimum.

7. To treat sweat hands and feet.

If you suffer from sweat feet and hands for some reason, tea bag is a great home remedy. It fights off bacteria that lessen the amount of sweat and eliminate odor. Simply toss a tea bag in a bowl of warm water and soak your feet or hands for at least 10 minutes. Do not rinse off after, just wipe with a clean, dry towel.

8. To get rid of bad odors.

Unpleasant odors from hands to air can be eliminated with tea bags as well. You soak fresh tea bags in water and spray all over the room or anywhere on your body to get rid of that bad smell. You may even place some dry herbal tea bags in your sofa and car seats.

9. To keep mouth fresh.

Tea bags have properties that heal sores in the mouth. This helps relieve pain, especially in children who usually cannot bear the effect. Just bite onto the bag for some minutes.

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Also, this is a great remedy to freshen your breath. If you can drink a cup (or even just half of a cup) of tea after every meal and before going to bed, bacteria and germs in your mouth can be eliminated.

10. To clean areas of your house.

These include windows, mirrors, kitchen counter tops, living room tables, flooring, and wooden furniture. It has properties that remove stain, wipe out dirt or dust, and keep the area smell fresh.

Based on this list, you can conclude that used tea bags are not a waste at all. So keep them for these other uses before throwing into your trash bin.

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